Welcome to the Virtual Learning Environment of The Foreign Languages Department (SJO) at Wrocław University of Technology.

Virtual Learning Environment SJO is an e-learning module developed to make language learning easier for students and doctoral students of PWR . Our main goal is to give our full-time and extramural students a helping hand in learning foreign languages at SJO. We want our students to be independent and work at their own pace to master all general language skills and technical vocabulary needed in their future work environment. We aim to create a friendly foreign language learning platform which, as an additional tool, will help our students to develop necessary language and intercultural skills and to broaden their knowledge obtained during their regular language courses.

The General English Tab consists of the following parts: (i) placement-test module to assess language skills; (ii) reading tasks, and lexical-grammar exercises; (iii) A2/B1 level e-learning compendium which helps to prepare for B2 level. Being a part of the General English tab “Pasaż Studencki” allows students to find up-to-date information about scholarship and job offers, labour market, news about language and cultural events held in Wrocław and in the region, entry notes about famous people, and interesting links to other language-learning oriented websites.

Language for Special Purposes- Engineer’s Work Environment Tab is targeted especially for full-time and extramural bachelor students who are looking for specialized language materials from level A1 to level C1. Language resources on levels B2 and C1 have been chosen to correspond with engineering specialties studied at Wrocław University of Technology.

Scientific-Technical Language Tab contains reading resources with exercises and glossaries for students of master’s degree willing to take part in B2+ courses.

We wish you success in developing your language skills and encourage you to attend our language courses in the Department of Foreign Languages at PWR!


Please write your comments, suggestions and problems to our project coordinator: piotr.zgondek@pwr.wroc.pl.